Letter in Support of Europe

Dear fellow EU citizens.

We represent some of the 48% of the British public, 75% of young Britons and 60% of Londoners who voted to ‘remain’ in the EU and we plead for your help.

We need you to lobby your political representatives to help ensure the UK is not forced out of the EU prematurely. A small amount of time would allow us to put our own house in order and prevent the secession of the UK from our common polity.

For years, many problems of Britain’s own making have been laid at the door of the EU and the European project.

Recently, our political leaders Boris Johnson and David Cameron, amongst others, have used Britain’s place in Europe and the world as pieces in the game of their own political ambition.  If they had cared for anything other than their own careers then the referendum would not need to have been held or it would have been held where the truth about withdrawal would have been told. In a horrible irony they have placed us in a situation where not only could the UK be cast from the EU but the UK itself could break up.

This Referendum followed a rushed negotiation and was foisted on us barely a month after major national elections. This didn’t leave time for a proper campaign, allowed no time for the issues to be properly debated, or for facts and opinions to be challenged and processed.

Our country is divided as never before. London, Scotland and Northern Ireland voted firmly to remain in the EU. Under UK law the referendum is advisory not binding, and the final decision lies with our Parliament where the majority of MPs support EU membership.  

There is a strong case that a second referendum should be held when the full implications of leaving are known. Many people voted as a protest vote against government and support for a petition calling for a second referendum has received millions of signatures.

Even if we cannot halt Britain’s exit from the EU, whoever remains, your nations must pull together. The EU for all our difficulties and problems is a force for such good in the world. The EU, in all its stages has ensured the longest peace in the recorded history of Western Europe. Do not forsake that.  If the UK does leave, do not follow our example.  Oppose those who would encourage you to follow our lead.

The people who have sanctioned this letter campaigned to remain in the EU. We include left wing trade unionists, a former Conservative MEP and every political opinion in between.

We are you. We are the EU. We are part of the European family and we urgently need your support.